Going Home

©1984 T Milne-Wallis


1. I belong to the land now

But it does not belong to me

I’ve got to work with my hands now

But only if they make me free


CH: I’m going home, where I belong

A place for my soul to grow and be strong

With the sun on my back, and the earth in my hands

If this is my home, I am no man’s


2. I must live with the seasons

And watch the path of the moon

Know the earth but not her reasons

Feel the beat and stay in tune.


3. With the sky as my ceiling

And the earth as my floor

I am free to follow feelings

Feel the truth in what life’s for


4. It is I who am the jailor of my fate

Only I hold the key

Only I can break these chains that I’ve made

And if I want to, I am free!