Brighter Than the Sun

Brighter than the sun, unleashed on everyone


1. The world stands threatened, as never before

By a powerful force created for war

In the flash of an instant we could all be destroyed

The reversal of Genesis, back to the void

There is only one power on earth

That can save us from this, the power is love.


2. Love has more power than hydrogen bombs

It’s a power for helping instead of for harm

It is love that gives birth and gives life all its meaning

And love that sustains every breath of our being

The force that can change the whole world

Is still hidden within, the power is love.


Brighter than the sun, unleashed on everyone


3. Think what the full force of love could achieve

But a glimpse of its power has yet been perceived

We could turn the world over if we only dare

The world’s nuclear power just cannot compare

There is only one reason for hope

In a world of despair, the reason is love.


Love in the end will have won,

Nothing can make it succumb,

Love will overcome,

Love will overcome.

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