War Came to Molesworth

1. Twas the first week in February
on the night of full moon
but the winter it was late in arriving
there was mud to our shinbones
and wind in our ears
but the cold we were sure of surviving

2. There was winter corn standing
and furrows for spring
and the horses were grazing out beside
the goats were on tether
and the sheep were off yonder
and the bullock, it was long since inside

3. The chapel stood silent, still open to the sky
her bricks and her mortar awaiting;
for the frost which had kept us from raising her roof
had left us with archways to heaven

4. We all knew that one day
the soldiers would come
and take back the land we were claiming
we’d heard all the rumours
and seen all the signs
but somehow we didn’t believe them.

5. There were plenty of problems
and internal strife
but the spirit was finally returning
there were big plans for spring
the whole country was coming
it seemed like the tide might be turning

6. It was half past eleven, the kids all in bed
the older ones still by the fire
when suddenly headlights for three miles behind them
arrived without warning or fanfare

CH: War came to Molesworth -
3000 troops and police had come
war came to Molesworth
and not a damn thing could be done

War came to Molesworth -
searchlights went up and the bulldozers started
war came to Molesworth
and everything living departed

7. With the first morning light
and a thick heavy mist
the remains of a camp
were still smouldering
and everywhere barbed wire fences and trenches
and lorries and diggers and soldiers

8. Twas the first week in February
on the night of full moon
when Molesworth was changed ever more
noone was injured and noone was killed
but my God, it sure felt like war.

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