The Arms Talkers

music by Bess Lomax Hawes, lyrics by Tim Wallis

1. Well, let me tell you a story

About the arms talks in Geneva,

That began on that fateful day.

Well, the arms control negotiators

Left their families

And flew off to negotiate away.


CH: Well, did they ever return?

Nope, they never returned.

And their fate is still unlearned.

They may talk forever

Cross the table at Geneva

Cause those arms talkers never returned.


2. Well, they had as their mission

to save the double-track decision

and negotiate without delay

but all year long they sat across that table

and they just wouldn’t go away.


3. With their options down to zero

and deployment getting nearer

you’d think they would not have stayed.

But they had to keep on talking

(and occasionally walking)

else they’d never know

when progress might be made.


4. Well now, let this be a lesson

to those well-meaning people

who think talking is our surest bet.

Because for nearly 50 years

Our governments have been talking

And they haven’t stopped the nuclear arms race yet!