Like Lemmings to the Sea

1. There’s got to be another way -

we can’t go on like this for long.

It doesn’t matter what you say -

You can argue right or wrong.

But people are dying every day,

The time for sitting around is gone


CH: We’ve got to stop this war now,

While our feet run free -

Stop all this madness, this insanity.

Don’t let us go down

Like lemmings to the sea.


2. Our time at hand is running out

it’s too late to run and hide

it’s a question of what life’s about

every person must decide

what they can give and live without

to stop another genocide.


3. Never mind the reasons for -

you can always find excuse.

What our heart says, we ignore.

Now it suffers from disuse.

With our heads we invented war;

what instead can our hearts produce?


4. You got to lift your head and take your stand

and shout it out with all your might.

We’ve got brothers and sisters in every land

and in this cause we shall unite.

To every power on earth we make our demands

and we will win because we are right!

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