Ethical Foreign Policy Blues

CH:  I’ve got those ethical foreign policy blues

and I don’t know what to do! X2


1. People seem to think that ethical means

we’re going to be different,

When actually the ‘ethical’ bit was just a bit of a misprint!

What I actually said was ‘mythical’, not ‘ethical’

– a mythical foreign policy (easy mistake to make!)


2. Well, those poor generals down in Indonesia –

well, you gotta help out when your good friend need ya!

And hey, we sort of, almost captured (kind of) Pinochet (for a bit)

What more do you want? I mean, really, Jimmy!


3. They’re not happy with dictators but they won’t leave me alone

just because I sent mercenaries into Sierra Leone.

I mean, we’re there protecting democracy,

That’s good isn’t it? Its sort of what we have… from time to time.


4. We decided not to put up anymore with Saddam Hussein

well, that’s good isn’t it, so why does everybody still complain?

Its not my fault everyone was starving over there in Iraq

It was his fault – Saddam Hussein’s fault – not mine.

He started it! Mummy – tell them! It was him…


5. I’ve got to weigh up the pros and cons of dropping bombs.

It’s a choice between persuasion and launching an invasion.

But its such a waste of time trying to use persuasion on these people,

What is all this ethical business anyway?

Don’t you people know anything about the real world?


6. Just because we’re New Labour,

people seem to think we’ve got something new in store.

When actually our job here at the Foreign Office

Is to carry on exactly as we’ve always carried on before.

I mean what did you think?

This is government we’re talking about here.


Hey, anybody want to buy a jet fighter plane, going cheap?