Bombs Into Bread

1. Some say its impossible for the world to change,

They say there’s no stopping a nuclear exchange.

Well, I’m not prepared to give up for dead:

I’d rather turn bombs into bread.


CH: We can turn swords into ploughshares,

Spears into pruning hooks,

Nations into peaceful neighbours,

Leaving war to the history books.


We can turn tanks into tractors,

Warships into hospital beds,

Hangars into schools for the children,

And bombs into bread.


2. It may take a miracle to turn things around

But miracles are not that uncommonly found!

and if they can make bombs while the world’s underfed,

then we’ll just have to make bread instead!


3. Miracles can happen cause love is the power.

They can happen here, they can happen this hour.

So here’s the message to be spread:

That we can turn bombs into bread.